Weekly Wonders 45

Weekly Wonders 45



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 45’s champions:


Web: Vecteezy
Vecteezy is a resource gallery that offers free vector graphics for your next projects. From simple images to electronic items, icons, whiplash, maps and patterns, you will find there hundreds of resources. A great website to save in your bookmarks!


Stefan Heigl
Photo: Stefan Heigl
Stefan Heigl is a German photographer who is very skilled in portraits and landscapes. His portfolio is filled with colorful photographs that show mastery of light and shadow as well as composition. His work is a feast for the eyes, a beautiful trip in dreamy rural landscapes and urban interiors.


Art: Marcianek
Marcianek is a mixed media (traditional and digital) artist from Poland. Her confident lines bring to life intricate characters of a sometimes darker nature, but all very delicate and captivating. She is quite talented so make sure to stop by her gallery.


100 Free MiniCards from Moo by GoMediaZine
Freebie: 100 Free MiniCards from Moo by GoMediaZine
Hurry up! Until August 31st you can get 100 Free MiniCards from Moo thanks to this promotion by GoMediaZine. You will only have to pay shipping ($5-10). If you’re interested in getting regular bigger cards and want 10% off, follow this link instead.


Photo Editor by Aviary
App: Photo Editor by Aviary – Free
Aviary, originally known as a web-based photo editor, is now available for iOS. The app enables you to crop, enhance and add effects to your photos. Although free and very easy to use, Aviary is a bit limited; it comes with only 12 free effect filters and all of them have a frame (that you cannot take off, by the way) and a lot of the enhancements and color balance seem to be done automatically. It is also a bit slow. Overall though, Aviary is an easy-to-use app for users who want results without losing themselves into details.


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