Weekly Wonders 46

Weekly Wonders 46



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 46’s champions:


Spoon Graphics Blog
Web: Spoon Graphics Blog
The Spoon Graphics blog is a blog which features interesting and useful tutorials, graphics and freebies. Created by designer Chris Spooner, this blog has been running since 2007 and gaining in popularity ever since. It deserves its fame; all articles posted on this website have only quality content.


Design: Molzography
Molzography (aka Andy) is a Dutch multimedia designer who creates with his iPhone stunning photomontages and abstract graphics. His designs are often characterized by high contrasts, lines, shapes and aspects of symmetry, creating engaging and dynamic compositions.


Liana Rakijian
Photo: Liana Rakijian
Liana Rakijian is an American photographer based in California with a beautiful photo stream populated of expressive photographs, many of which feature beautiful light leeks and other subtle effects. Her photos are dreamy and have an old feel to them, as if they belonged in a 70s photo album rather than a modern flickr gallery.


Listicons – Arrows & Bullets Webfont
Freebie: Listicons – Arrows & Bullets Webfont
Listicons is a free icon set distributed by MediaLoot. Composed of minimalist and elegant arrows and bullets, the 52 icons come in vector and webfont formats – that means you can embed them to your website without having to use any images. Neat, isn’t it?


Display Fusion
Software: Display Fusion – Free (or paid)
Display Fusion is a software that will appeal to users who two or more desktop monitors; this application available for free (or $25 in its basic pro version which has very neat features) allows you to manage monitor configuration as well as wallpapers, among other things. You want to have one wallpaper spreading on your several monitors, or perhaps set different wallpapers for each? Not a problem with this software.


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