Weekly Wonders 55

Weekly Wonders 55



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 55’s champions:


Web: Tutorialzine
Tutorialzine is a blog focused on sharing high quality web development tutorials and resources. If you want to keep up with some of the latest creative developments with HTML5, CSS3, various plugins and jQuery, to name only the most obvious, this would be a good site to add to your feed reader or bookmarks.


Design: Maztrone
Anthony Thiebaux aka Maztrone is a French Graphic and Motion Designer. His designs are vibrant and very bold, an amalgam of typographic elements, shapes and logotypes. This results in simple and visually effective creations. Make sure to take a look at his portfolio to see his branding and motion design work.


Eldar Zakirov
Art: Eldar Zakirov
Eldar Zakirov is a digital painter based in Uzbekistan. His work, sometimes very realistic, sometimes stylized, uses vibrant hues and displays lots of details. Zakirov paints beautiful characters and portraits but his gallery is also filled with dinosaur illustrations and other prehistoric creatures, all very well done.


40 Useful Feather Textures
Freebie: 40 Useful Feather Textures
Naldz Graphics put together in the past an article linking to 40 beautiful feather textures. The most amazing are in my opinion the peacock feathers, however there are many other kinds. If this is something you think you’ll need for your work, they are all free for download. Enjoy!


App: Photosynth – Free
Photosynth is a Panorama creation app that was released earlier this year. The reviews were unanimous; it’s a great free and easy-to-use app. What’s more surprising is that it was produced by Microsoft for iOS. For panorama lovers who don’t have the latest iPhone5’s built-in panorama function, this is a must-have.


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