Weekly Wonders 48

Weekly Wonders 48



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 48’s champions:


Thinking with Type
Web: Thinking with Type
Conceived as a classroom companion, Thinking with Type is a goldmine of information for graphic designers who want to polish their typographic skills. What’s a grid? What’s kerning? What is hierarchy? And why are these concepts extremely important? You’ll find the answers to those questions on the website.


Bernhard Siegl
Photo: Bernhard Siegl
Bernhard Siegl is an Austrian photographer who takes splendid photos of landscapes in HDR. Not only does he feature his work for all to see on DeviantART, but he also shares it, free of charge, with all artists of the world who want to use them in their own work. Nice, isn’t he? And talented as well! So make sure to stop by his gallery.


Ivan Koritarev
Art: Ivan Koritarev
Ivan Koritarev is a Bulgarian illustrator and concept artist currently employed by Ubisoft. His comic style is very dynamic and his coloring extremely versatile, passing from simple shading to complex texture-filled paintings.


Magnifying glass image zoom with jQuery and CSS3
Freebie: Magnifying glass image zoom with jQuery and CSS3
Learn how to create an elegant magnifying glass effect on your images with jQuery and CSS3 thanks to this walkthrough and code. The result is amazing.


Camera Awesome
App: Camera Awesome – Free*
Camera Awesome is a photography and photo editing app reminiscent of Camera+. It allows you to “awesomize” your photos automatically and control contrast, saturation, brightness and temperature. It gives you a few free filters that look alright but all other presents must be purchased in app. This is a major drawback in my opinion as, in order to download them all, one must pay $9.99. So in spite of its potential, I’ll stick with camera+ for $1, thank you.


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