Weekly Wonders 57

Weekly Wonders 57



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 57’s champions:


Web: Hongkiat
Hongkiat is an active blog featuring inspiration and creative tips, tricks and tutorials for designers, bloggers and developers. Frequently updated, it is a goldmine of information for information-hungry web enthusiasts.


Photo: Rob Lutter
Rob Lutter is an English photographer who began in 2011 an adventure called The LifeCycle; his plan is to cover four continents and over 35 000 kilometers on his bike. Carrying his camera with him, he captures beautiful scenery which you can find in his portfolio.


Art: Kari Kuukasjärvi
Kari Kuukasjärvi os a Finnish digital artist whose gallery is filled with many beautiful character portraits. His work features soft brushstrokes, a characteristic roughness and saturated hues which, blended all together, form beautiful paintings. Check his gallery for more.


Freebie: Art Professions Icon Set
Earlier this winter Smashing Mag released a beautiful high-quality icon set in PNG format. You’ll find in it icons for domains such as 3D, Animation, Cinema, Comics, Dance and a lot more. All free, of course.


Software: Sublime Text – Free Trial
Sublime Text describes itself as “the text editor you’ll fall in love with”. Although I have not yet fallen in love with it and remain faithful to Notepad++ (less pretty but more familiar), I must admit it is indeed a nice tool which offers interesting built-in features. The license is a bit costly ($59 USD) but they offer a free trial version with occasional pop-up reminders, a bit like WinRar. Sublime Text is available for Mac, PC and Linux.


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