Weekly Wonders 47

Weekly Wonders 47



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 47’s champions:


Think Quarterly by Google
Web: Think Quarterly by Google
Think Quarterly is an online publication by Google which tackles topics such as digital technologies and development in a variety of fields. The rich content of the beautifully designed magazine will appeal to many people including but not limited to designers, developers, engineers, marketers and web enthusiasts. And if you hate reading, you must at least see it; you will still be able to appreciate the visual interactive interface Google put up for you.


Tatiana Vetrova
Art: Tatiana Vetrova
Tatiana Vetrova is a talented Russian digital artist based in Saint Petersburg. She has a fascination for the slightly macabre and brings to life with soft brushes and often contrasting hues dark creatures and captivating villains. Stop by her gallery to see more.


Philippe Larivière-D.
Design: Philippe Larivière-D.
Philippe Larivière-D. is a Canadian graphic designer based in Ottawa. His focuses are branding and typography, and his designs are simple, fun and dynamic.


10 Free Backgrounds
Freebie: 10 Free Backgrounds
The Icon Deposit is distributing for free 10 high-resolution blurred backgrounds by Matt Gentile. All 10 backgrounds are vector smart so they can be stretched to any size in Photoshop. Download, thank the guy who did them and enjoy!


App: Songza – Free
Tired of listening to the same old playlist while working? Yeah, me too. Songza can help you with that: this app streams thousands of playlists that will accommodate almost any occasion and any mood. I tried it tonight and I really enjoyed it. Did I mention it’s free and ad-free?


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