Weekly Wonders 40

Weekly Wonders 40



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 40’s champions:


Design Instruct
Web: Design Instruct
Design Instruct is a design blog for designers featuring articles with tips and tricks, inspiration, free resources and tutorials. The blog itself isn’t necessarily the most innovative but it has interesting information and content that is valuable.


Rafal Tromczynski
Design: Rafal Tromczynski
Rafal Tromczynski is a Polish graphic designer who, when he is not using a computer to create, relies on his iPhone to produce amazing graphics. His portfolio of mobile art on Instagram is stunning: vector shapes and photography merged together with light and textures, accompanied by carefully selected typography.


Jacob Atienza
Art: Jacob Atienza
Jacob Atienza is a concept artist from San Francisco. He creates with confident and apparent brushstrokes scenes and characters from fantasy and science fiction. His gallery is populated with humanoids, interesting costumes and armors, beams of light and other badassery.


75 Free Photoshop Actions
Freebie: 75 Free Photoshop Actions
Some months ago, photographer lieveheersbeestje started releasing thematic Photoshop Actions on DeviantART. And this week, she released this wonderful pack which includes all the 75 actions she created. Many will bring amazing colors and effects to your photos.


App: Picfx – $1.99
Picfx is a photo-editing app with over 100 effects, textures and frames. The effects are for the most part quite beautiful and can also be rotated, something you don’t see often. It has a simple user-friendly interface.


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