Weekly Wonders 26

Weekly Wonders 26



Your weekly dose of design inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 26’s champions:


G.F.D.A. (Good Fucking Design Advice)
Web: G.F.D.A. (Good Fucking Design Advice)
Looking for some advice about your design work? Try G.F.D.A.! This website is a collaborative project between designers/educators Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher. It serves the purpose of providing freelancers, design professionals and students with humorous but oh so true advices 24/7. Did I mention it’s awesome?


Julian Bialowas
Photo: Julian Bialowas
Julian Bialowas is a Canadian photographer located in Calgary, AB. He’s also the creator of 365q (a splendid collection of photos and motivational phrases). Bialowas is passionate about the outdoors, particularly the mountains. His landscapes are breath taking so make sure to stop by his tumblr!


Robbie Lawrence
Art: Robbie Lawrence
Robbie Lawrence is an illustrator located in LA. A mix of traditional and digital, her body of art is composed of figurative illustrations of characters in strange dream-like environments. Her drawings are very beautiful and very detailed. Take a look at her gallery to see what I mean.


Subtle Patterns
Freebie: Subtle Patterns
Subtle Patterns is an online collection of beautiful tilable textured patterns, free to use. Developed by Atle Mo, this high-quality website could be of great use in your next web or graphic design project.


Chrome/Desktop App: TweetDeck
Are you an avid Twitter user? Then you must download TweetDeck, a software available for Chrome and/or Desktop that allows you to organize your lists and conversations easily. The interface looks great and is very logical. Give it a try!


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