Montreal Meets II is approaching!

Montreal Meets II is approaching!



If you live in the province of Quebec and haven’t heard of MMTWO, you probably live under a rock. But it’s alright because I’m here to dislodge you from your grey world and introduce you to the biggest design event of the year!


MMTWO Speakers

What is MMTWO?

MMTWO (Montreal Meets II) is a 2-days design conference that will take place on April 7-8 2012 in Théâtre Rouge in the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal. For this event, the funder, François Hoang, is inviting 5 internationally renowned designers to speak about their experience in the field of design. This year, you’ll get to meet Fabio Sasso (of Abduzeedo), James White (Signalnoise), Radim Malinic (Brand Nu), Shelby White ( and Scott Hansen (aka ISO50 and Tycho). Presentations will be followed by a question period, giving everyone a chance to participate to the discussion and learn more about these design gurus.

Théâtre Rouge

MMTWO differs from other design conferences as it is meant to be inclusive; the regular price for a 2-days pass being only $60 (there’s even a rebate for students), pretty much anyone can afford to go. And that’s the point; one of the missions of Montreal Meets is to make design available for everyone and treat it as a resource that we should share and treasure.

Where can I get buy tickets?

You can buy your ticket and secure your seat online here. For that ridiculously low price, it would be a sin not to go!

Promotional merchandise and funding

For the second edition of Montreal Meets, François Hoang put up an online store where you can buy limited-edition t-shirts, posters and stickers of the event. All the money gathered through the sales of promotional material will go to funding the design conference. And since the items for sale are pretty awesome too, they make great souvenirs.

Promo T-shirt

There’s also a Kickstarter project going on right now where you’re invited to back the event; you can give anywhere between $10 and $1500 depending on your budget. As Hoang explains it himself, planning such event, although fun, isn’t an easy task; the expenses include the venue, equipment, advertising, printing as well as the speakers’ airfare and stay. So by giving back, you’re ensuring the success of this unique event.


Last year’s Montreal Meets featuring Fabio Sasso and James White was a success and the team behind MMTWO is expecting even more visitors and more fun for this second edition. With such great speakers, a nice venue like Théâtre Rouge, a motivated team and supportive fans from all round the America and Europe, I personally believe there is no chance it could go wrong.

We’ll see you there! ;)

About the author

Tina Mailhot-Roberge is a graphic designer, illustrator and co-founder of Veodesign. She holds a BFA in Design from Concordia University, Montréal. She loves to help people and wirte about arts, design, web and technology. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.