Weekly Wonders 19

Weekly Wonders 19



Your weekly dose of design inspiration and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 19’s champions:


High Speed Reel 2011
Video: High Speed Reel 2011
Charles Bergquist is a director, designer and photographer living in San Diego, California. His project, High Speed Reel 2011, is an experimental slow-motion video that was filmed with an Olympus iSpeed 3. Add to that a music track of Mux Mool and you’ve got something pretty amazing. Watch it and enjoy!


Simon C Page
Graphic: Simon C Page
Simon C Page is a graphic designer from England. He has a passion for typography, geometry, minimalism and science fiction, and it shows in his work; his creations are simple and yet stunning, a melody of colors and shapes that succeeds in conveying many messages. If you prefer figurative art, take a look at his print and poster galleries; you won’t be disappointed.


Julien Coquentin
Photo: Julien Coquentin
Julien Coquentin is a photographer located in Montreal, Canada. His portfolio is vast but on DeviantART his gallery is composed in greater part of beautiful urban photos of Montreal and other cities like New York. He skilfully captures fleeting moments on the sometimes crowded, sometimes near-empty streets and it would be a mistake not to take a peek at his work.


91 Free Vector Web Icons
Freebie: 91 Free Vector Web Icons
Smashing Magazine, one of the major blogs in the web design industry, is giving away 91 free vector web icons. There are no restrictions so download away and start using it!


App: Filterstorm – $3.99
Filterstorm is a useful photo editing app not totally unlike your usual desktop software. This app lets you use up to 5 layers, gradients, color range, curves, brushes, masks, saturation, text tool, cropping and a lot more (no really, this is just the tip of the iceberg). Useful if you like to adjust lighting and color like a pro.


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