Weekly Wonders 2

Weekly Wonders 2



Your weekly dose of inspiration and awesome.
Here are Weekly Wonders #2’s champions:

Weekly Wonders Web
Web: Klout.com
Klout is a tool that provides you with social media analytics, measuring your influence across your social network (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Every time you create content or engage you influence others. Klout gives you a score that you can compare with other users or friends.

Weekly Wonders Art
Art: Euclase
Licia (Euclase) is an American digital painter from Pennsylvania who produces exquisite portraits. Although I’m personally not usually a big fan of photorealism and star portraits, she breathes life into her creations and gives them an edge. Splendid paintings, really. Go see her gallery!

Weekly Wonders Photo
Photo: Marcel Naumann
Marcel Naumann is a German photographer who has a very special project; capturing every single meal he eats. Artistically presented, his food shots are truly inspiring and force you to reflect about the way you eat.

Weekly Wonders Freebie
Freebie: Premium Pixels
Premium Pixels by Orman Clark is a website featuring daily free tutorials and resources for design and/or web projects. The graphics are very elegant and can be used at will. The author of the site shares his PSDs so they can be edited. If you are in a rush, or simply looking for inspiration and beautiful design resources, visit that website.

Weekly Wondesr App
App: Wunderlist
Wunderlist is a free app that will help you manage tasks and share your to-do lists with your friends or partners. It’s rated as one of the best free productivity apps for iPhone and it’s no wonder; you can manage your tasks from your computer, iPhone, iPad or online. We use it and we love it.

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