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Happy Holidays! Here, have a free postcard.

It’s that time of the year again; the holiday season! Download a free New Year postcard we created just for you, dear readers.

Weekly Wonders 56

Your weekly dose of creative inspiration and resources: Wunderlist 2, David Cheifetz, Wendy Liu, Christmas Icon Set and Grooveshark for Mobile.

5 Designer Myths Debunked

The profession of designer is often plagued by preconceived and false ideas. It’s time to clarify what is true and what isn’t!

Weekly Wonders 55

Your weekly dose of creative inspiration and resources: Tutorialzine, Maztrone, Eldar Zakirov, 40 Feather Textures or Photosynth.

Q&A: Ask and you shall receive

In order to provide you with quality content, we welcome your questions about the topics of web, design, arts, blogging, freelancing, tech, etc.