Facebook Timeline finally available for everyone

Facebook Timeline finally available for everyone



Facebook just announced a few hours ago the roll out of Timeline, the new profile we’ve all been waiting for (except if you’re registered as a developer, then you already have it). There are two ways to get it; you can wait for the announcement to appear in your notifications or you can click here. You will have once you enable Timeline 7 days to review the content of your profile before publishing it for all your friends to see.

I reviewed Timeline about 2 months ago in a previous article when it was available for testing and described all its new features; every user gets a panoramic cover at the top of their profile and a timeline that sorts all their life events in a linear way, emphasizing major events, collapsing the less important ones. I strongly suggest you review your content before making your profile public as you’ll notice that with Timeline, Facebook reorganizes all your old posts, making it easy for people to browse through your life month by month, year by year. While reviewing some of the old content on your profile, you might find some posts you would rather have hidden (drunken parties, inappropriate comment or photos, for example), something Timeline lets you do.

Although Timeline is a stalker heaven, it’s a very neat new feature and it gives an edge to Facebook, especially since the launch of Google+ which probably made Mark Zuckerberg and his team a bit anxious at the very least.

Timeline is also available on Android and on m.facebook.com. Can we expect an update soon for iOS? We surely hope so!

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