Google+ available for (almost) everyone

Google+ available for (almost) everyone



It has happened; after 12 weeks of beta testing with a limited audience, Google+ is finally available for everyone. The new social network, often called Facebook’s competitor, can be accessed through here. All you need to open an account is an account.

Coming soon @ Google+

Recently released on Android is the Hangout feature which we should see arriving on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) very soon. We’re really excited about that feature which will enable us to participate in business meetings and online conferences in a very dynamic way. But what we’re really hoping for are the business profiles. If Google plays its cards well, these new business profiles could make thousands of companies migrate from Facebook to Google. Imagine a network that is directly linked to your Google ranking and the email service you use. Imagine a network where, when someone would +1 you, all their friends would see YOUR company appearing first in Google results. We suspect that when Google+ will be available for businesses, it will also be enabled for apps, so that company owners and users with their own domains (ex: [email protected]) will be able to register to the new social network.

Will Google beat Facebook? It has all the tools to do so. Facebook, facing for the first time a real threat and competitor, is launching tons of new features as well as a new redesign to compete with Google+. Will that be enough though? Only time will tell.

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