Weekly Wonders 53

Weekly Wonders 53



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 53’s champions:


Google Street View Gallery
Web: Google Street View Gallery
Google Maps’ Street View revolutionized the way we navigate through cities online by providing a view of countless streets in over 48 countries. The Google Street View Gallery is a great collection of the most stunning photos that are part of Street View.


Art: minix
Minix is an American digital artist. She paints beautiful female portraits with soft brush strokes, smooth lines and colors. Her gallery will not leave you disappointed.


Giancula Giacoppo
Design: Giancula Giacoppo
Giancula Giacoppo is a skilled graphic designer currently living in Spain. He creates breath-taking designs, interfaces and images, all showing a great care for detail and love of perfection. It’s no wonder he is so successful on GraphicRiver!


Wookmark jQuery Plugin
Freebie: Wookmark jQuery Plugin
I’m a big fan of multi-rows portfolio and gallery pages, as some of you might have notice. There are several plugins that can achieve such results and Wookmark is one of them, a simple one.


App: Vintique – $0.99
Vintique is a photo editing app with a vintage twist. It offers many filters which are manually adjustable (very neat), and light/contrast/saturation/etc. adjustments. It’s overall a pretty good app that can enhance your editing work as an iphoneographer.


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