Somacro & Somicro: email, Orkut and Soundcloud icons

Somacro & Somicro: email, Orkut and Soundcloud icons



Good news everyone!

Somacro and Somicro free icon sets get this October 3 new icons: one for email, Orkut and Soundcloud. In the case of Somicro, it was also updated with a DeviantART icon. Sweet, isn’t it? But you know what’s even sweeter?

Since fall 2011, Somacro has been downloaded over 20 000 times and Somicro over 15 000 times! Wow!

When I created those icon sets, I never imaged they would go viral like that. As something I originally created for my personal use, I’m very happy I chose to share them with the world.

Unlike most icon sets out there, Somacro and Somicro will keep being updated as social networks change and evolve.

Somacro Icon Set

Somicro Icon Set

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