What do you do when life takes over?

What do you do when life takes over?



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I’ve stated already that working at home has its many advantages. Among them you have the liberty of making your own work schedule and the joy of never receiving orders from anyone. On the other hand, there are many distractions that can affect your work and, sometimes, unexpected events can diminish your productivity.

What defines your life?

When someone close to us is in need, we tear our eyes away from the screen and see how we can be of help. We are human beings after all. And although views might differ from a business man to another, to me, happiness and health are more important than money. I care for my own.

That is what happened to us last week; our dear Pandore got very sick and we took some days off to take her to the vet and provide her with the care she required. This unfortunate event delayed our work but thanks to our love and care, she is now back on her paws, alive as ever. And we are both happy and grateful.

Some things cannot be prevented, no matter how hard you try. Or as some people say colloquially, shit happens. The idea that life takes over for me is an impossibility because life is always my priority. My focus is my life and the life of my loved ones. Then comes work. This view of the world enables me to deal with unexpected events without anger and annoyance. Sure, I would have preferred my cat not to get sick, but since it can’t be helped, why get frustrated about it? There is simply no point.

What about you? Do you value work more than anything, or would you abandon it all without a second thought to take care of family and/or friends? What defines your life? I don’t judge; I’m merely asking question of a somewhat ethical nature.

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