Weekly Wonders 44

Weekly Wonders 44



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 44’s champions:


Web: CreativePro
CreativePro is one of those sites that are so ugly your first reflex is to close the window and forget about it. In fact, the whole structure of the website sucks big time. HOWEVER, it has very decent articles about creative software, good design practices and the creative market. So good in fact it does deserve a mention in our weekly feature. So take a deep breath and venture if you dare; you will not be disappointed by the content, that much I can promise.


Tony Cliff
Art: Tony Cliff
Tony Cliff is a Canadian writer and illustrator whose most notable project is the graphic novel is the graphic novel is Dalilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant. Through fantastic settings and guided by amazing and engaging characters, Cliff takes his readers back to the early 19th century in an adventure where sword fights and countries defile in front of their eyes. Dalilah Dirk is a jewel and so is its author, so make sure to stop by his website to read the first 4 chapters for free.


Tyrone Williams
Photo: Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams is a photographer from England. Unlike many previous photographers I featured in the Weekly Wonders, Williams’ style is charming and very casual, detached almost. The scenes he shoots at first glance seem impersonal but as you take time to stop and look at them, you realize they each carry their own personal story, and together they represent the bits and pieces of the photographer’s life. Some amazing stuff you should look at while sipping tea.


Old School Cassette Player in HTML5
Freebie: Old School Cassette Player in HTML5
If you’re looking for a crazy way to display the audio files on your website, you will love this piece of code distributed by Codrops. Just keep in mind it’s experimental and is not compatible with older browsers.


TuneIn Radio Pro
App: TuneIn Radio Pro – $0.99
TuneIn Radio Pro isn’t a design or photo app, but it is a very useful app I use on a regular basis; listen to over 60 000 radio channels from your phone, AM and FM, wherever you are. Besides being an awesome way to listen to the radio from your iPhone or iPad (or Android!), TuneIn Radio Pro allows you to pause, record and rewind the stations you are listening to, save your favorite channels and set up an alarm clock. A dollar well invested.


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