Weekly Wonders 43

Weekly Wonders 43



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 43’s champions:


JUST Creative
Web: JUST Creative
JUST Creative is the blog of internationally renown designer Jacob Cass. It features a helpful mix of design tips, personal updates, design projects and inspirational articles. This blog is updated biweekly on average, a good site for the occasional reader.


Matthew DiVito
Design: Matthew DiVito
Matthew DiVito is a motion graphics design from Boston, MA, who creates stunning animated designs. He uses (like a boss) Cinema 4D and After Effects to produce pulsating retro-inspired imagery, which is mesmerizing, full of light and textures. Make sure to stop by his blog to take a look at his inspiring work.


Photo: BrokenCharacter
BrokenCharacter is an Austrian photographer who specializes in urban, nature and industrial photography. His most striking photos are perhaps the abandoned spaces which populate his portfolio; the old buildings, staircases, broken windows and decaying monuments take you to a world of wonder and reflection. A gallery you must not miss!


3D Thumbnail Hover Effects
Freebie: 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects
Codrops surprises once again with this tutorial for a gorgeous hover effect achieved with CSS3. I can see this being very cool on a blog or portfolio site. To view the effect, make sure your browser is CSS3 3D transform compatible.


Software: Gimp – Free
Yes, I am serious: this week’s recommendation is Gimp. Why? For a good 5 days now I’ve been using Linux’s Ubuntu OS booted from a USB key because my hard drive died (worry not dear readers, my data is not lost, thankfully). Like most designers, I always dismissed Gimp because, well… there’s Photoshop, you know? In cases of emergency or for a light user though, Gimp can get the job done; it’s a free image manipulation software that will come to rescue if you need to do photo retouching and editing. It’s also, I found out, a great software to paint, once you download custom brushes. My intuos4, after some tweaking, is compatible and I’ve been able to keep on painting. All the imagery used in the last 2 blog posts (including this one) was also done in Gimp. Granted, Photoshop is better, but if you want to try it out and save hundreds of dollars, it’s a viable option for most basic tasks.


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