Weekly Wonders 42

Weekly Wonders 42



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 42’s champions:


Design Festival
Web: Design Festival
Design Festival is a good design blog that provides creatives with daily tutorials and inspiration. Their articles tackle topics such as user interface, logo design, typography and coding advice. It’s a website designers should bookmark and/or add to their RSS Feed.


Rebecca Mock
Art: Rebecca Mock
Rebecca Mock is a talented Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator. Her style is simple, yet every single illustration she creates is filled with interesting details, telling its own story. Her colourful art is candy for the eyes, so make sure to visit her website.


Fabrice Dubuy
Photo: Fabrice Dubuy
Lauren Greiner is an illustrator and graphic designer from South Carolina, USA. She is extremely creative and her gallery is filled with expressive and colorful character portraits and illustrations. She is a storyteller in the making, so keep an eye on her portfolio.


EdmondSans Font
Freebie: EdmondSans Font
New this month is EdmondSans, a small caps display typeface created by James T. Edmondson and distributed by the Lost Type. You can get it for free or send a donation to the creator depending on the weight of your wallet.


App: Vectoria – $4.99
Vectoria is an app that allows you to create simple and intricate vector shapes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The learning curve is very steep but the wide variety of shapes and patterns you can create with that app is extremely impressive. I must admit I haven’t quite figured out myself how to create “nice” looking vectors yet but after toying with the app for 15 minutes, I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Plan at least an hour of practice before you can start to create amazing shapes… unless of course you’re a little genius. Either way, I recommend Vectoria to all adventurous designers out there.


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