Weekly Wonders 41

Weekly Wonders 41



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 41’s champions:


Ideas on Ideas
Web: Ideas on Ideas
Ideas on Ideas is an insightful blog by Creative Director Eric Karjaluoto. You will find on this website tons of well-written and very interesting essays on design, brands an experience. A must-read if you work in the creative field.


Jasper Van der Meij
Photo: Jasper Van der Meij
Jasper Van der Meij is a photographer from the Netherlands who captures splendid photos of breath-taking landscapes and occasional interior decors and urban scenery. His photography has very beautiful lighting and is often accompanied by subtle vignettes which give his photos an eerie feel. Make sure to his gallery to see more of his work!


Lauren Greiner
Art: Lauren Greiner
Lauren Greiner is an illustrator and graphic designer from South Carolina, USA. She is extremely creative and her gallery is filled with expressive and colorful character portraits and illustrations. She is a storyteller in the making, so keep an eye on her portfolio.


Faestock's Stock Photography
Freebie: Faestock’s Stock Photography
If you do photomanipulation, photo-montage or if you are an illustrator or painter, you will find this resource very interesting: This gallery by Jessica Truscott (faestock) on DeviantART is dedicated to providing free photography for creatives who need them. Truscott’s gallery is an invaluable bank of portraits, dynamic poses, scenery and costumes centered mostly around the female body.


App: Foap – Free
If you are interested into selling stock photography, this new app will interest you: Foap is an app that will turn your iPhone photos into dollars. The formula is simple: you upload your best iPhone photos without filter, pass through an approval stage and if they are good enough, you will earn 50% of the revenues, which is roughly $5 per sold photo. The app is at the moment a bit unstable but the concept is great if you want to make money with your photos.


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