Weekly Wonders 39

Weekly Wonders 39



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 39’s champions:


Web: Inspiiired
Inspiiired is a design inspiration blog which has been ongoing since January 2011. To tell the truth, it has not been updated since mid-April and I am not sure where it’s heading as of today. However, it contains over 90 articles tackling web design, graphic design, free resources and inspiration, a blog which is still worth a look at the very least.


Bradley Wright
Art: Bradley Wright
Bradley Wright is an illustrator and digital painter with a background in graphic design. Born in South Africa, raised in Northern Ireland and currently working for Starbreeze studios in Sweden, Wright is a skilled concept artist whose art features lots of colors, movement, textures and visual tension. His gallery is a must-see.


Vladana Kreklova
Design: Vladana Kreklova
Vladana Kreklova is a graphic designer from the Czech Republic. Recently graduated from the Prague College with a BA in Graphic Design, she creates elegant minimalist printed material for various occasions. Her work shows a great love and understanding for typography and print.


CSS Text Shadow
Freebie: CSS Text Shadow
This free tool developed WordPress Theme Shock will help you create in a few clicks cool CSS3 Text Shadows and other effects like Fire, Neon, Anaglyphs, 3D, etc. It will work for the most recent web browsers.


NexusFont – Free for Windows
App: NexusFont – Free for Windows
NexusFont is an application available for Windows and iPhone ($0.99) which helps you manage and preview your font library. It enables you to categorize, add and delete typefaces. With NexusFont, you can also carry your font library easily from a computer to another with a USB flash drive. It can be a useful tool for creatives who work on a regular basis with typography.


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