Weekly Wonders 37

Weekly Wonders 37



Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 37’s champions:


Web: Flyerfolio
Flyerfolio is an online gallery showcasing awesome flyer and poster designs. It’s simply a great place to get inspiration for your next project and to see what’s trending right now.


Art: Joel27
Joel is a French artist who draws beautiful, dynamic and sexy pinups and scenes in comic style. He creates with confident strokes what may look like rough lines from up close, but soon transforms into skilful illustrations once you step back. His gallery is quite impressive so make sure to check it out.


Jesse Watson
Design: Jesse Watson
Jesse Watson is a Montreal-based graphic designer recently graduated from Concordia University (I actually had the pleasure to share some classes with him 1-2 years ago). He is a skilled graphic artist who knows how to handle his typography and who is visibly greatly inspired by graffiti culture. Take a look at his portfolio to see more of his awesome work.


Freebies Gallery
Freebie: Freebies Gallery
Tons of free resources, templates, patterns, buttons and other graphics: that’s what you’ll find at Freebies Gallery. Developed by Asif, a Pakistani designer, this gallery offers many PSDs that will please several designers and developers.


App: Pxl. – ¢99
Pxl. is an app that allows you to create abstract compositions out of your photos. It’s a pretty cool application if you like experimenting and designing with your iPhone or iPad. You can then use other apps to overlap your designs together and create awesome compositions. Its only downside is that it reformats the pictures into a smaller portrait format, but it’s still a fantastic app that you must try!


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