Weekly Wonders 34

Weekly Wonders 34

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Your weekly dose of creative inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 34’s champions:


Cargo Collective
Web: Cargo Collective
Cargo Collective is a creative publishing platform where artists, designers and photographers can pick a theme and upload their work. It’s an online portfolio and network of sorts, like Behance, except that the user has more flexibility on the design s/he chooses. The website is by invite only but you can send them a sample of your work through their contact form in order to gain access if they judge it good enough.


Jenna aka Ruby Red Wisp
Design: Jenna aka Ruby Red Wisp
Jenna aka Ruby Red Wisp is an American graphic artist who fills her Tumblr blog with beautiful photo-montages, fan-works and designs in relation to popular TV Series. Hey work is very colourful and she pays special attention to the typography and symbols she uses on her posters in order to set the right mood for each of them. Her gallery is entirely composed of personal and non-profit work but that doesn’t make it less awesome.


Sam Carr
Art: Sam Carr
Sam Carr is an English artist who is very skilled at painting characters and fantasy scenes. His confident brushstrokes give a lot of presence and intensity to his portraits. So make sure to take a look at his portfolio.


15+ High quality free pattern sets
Freebie: 15+ High quality free pattern sets
In this special post, Wed Designer Depot put together over 15 high quality free pattern sets for graphic and web design use. Some of their packs are not new but all are good-looking and can be used for personal and commercial work.


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta – Free beta testing
Adobe announced the release of its new CS6 creative suite which will be for sale within the first half of 2012. Until then, they invite you to try for free Photoshop CS6 Beta. Not sure if you should upgrade? Simply try it for free until CS6 hits the shelves. The reviews have been extremely positive until now.


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