Weekly Wonders 32

Weekly Wonders 32



Your weekly dose of design inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 32’s champions:


Freelance Switch
Web: Freelance Switch
Freelance Switch is a blog for freelancers and freelancers to be who are looking for tips about starting a successful business. You’ll find there useful articles for pricing your services, finding clients, dealing with clients and productivity tips. If you are a beginner, it may be the information you need.


Daniel Mikah Govar aka Saulone
Art: Daniel Mikah Govar aka Saulone
Daniel Mikah Govar is an American traditional artist from Baltimore whose work can be recognized by its cold hues and high contrast inked illustrations. Inspired by comics, novels, sci-fi and fantasy, Daniel has his own DC comic series called Azure. Make sure to check out his gallery to see more of his great work!


Sam Stratton
Design: Sam Stratton
Sam Stratton is a graphic designer from South Carolina who blends photography, typography and design in order to create beautiful designs. His style is simple and minimalist, uncomplicated.


Freebie: Rhinoslider
Rhinoslider is a very flexible and east-to-use jQuery slider/slideshow. What’s nice about this slider is that provides its users with a generator that allows them to preview the desired effects. Hundreds of possibilities are then offered to us whether we have or not advanced knowledge of JavaScript.


Draw Something
App: Draw Something – Free
Draw Something is a game app for everyone who enjoys to sketch and doodle. The game is simple: choose a word, draw it and have your partner guess it from their iOS device. It’s fun, totally unproductive and addictive.


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