Weekly Wonders 31

Weekly Wonders 31



Your weekly dose of design inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 31’s champions:


Web: Zerply
Zerply is a simple professional network that focuses on its users’ experience and talent. Their goal: present your experience and skills in the best possible way and help you connect with individuals who share the same interests as you. Their design is pretty cool and although they are not the first website to provide online resumés, theirs are killers when it comes to looks. Check out mine as an example. Pretty impressive, huh?


Marwane Pallas
Photo: Marwane Pallas
Marwane Pallas aka Gerry-and-me is a French photographer that uses his photo editing skills to create beautiful photomanipulations and scenes reminiscent of Neverland. With light effects and a soft color palette, Pallas gives life to his portraits, each telling its own story.


Andrey Lazarev
Art: Andrey Lazarev
Andrey Lazarev is a Ukrainian artist whose gallery is composed of beautifully made magical settings and imaginary characters. His brushwork is soft, playful and colourful. Take a look at his portfolio to see more of his creations.


Photoshop Blossom Actions
Freebie: Photoshop Blossom Actions
Every once in a while the photographer lieveheersbeestje shares on DeviantART some nice and useful Photoshop actions. This is a kit of 8 free actions that will enhance your photos in one single click. It will work greatly if you want to add a soft vintage effect to your work.


App: Lens+ – Free (limited time)
Lens+ is a very neat photography app that allows you to switch filters/lens and frames in real time, as you are previewing your shot. It’s fun and easy to use and will open your mind to many new possibilities. I use it and like it!


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