Weekly Wonders 28

Weekly Wonders 28



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Here are Weekly Wonders 28’s champions:


The guru's guide to online success
Web: The guru’s guide to online success
The guru’s guide to online success is a guide to make your website successful presented in the humorous format of a comic. It’s a funny twist on the usually boring pages and articles about SEO and social media. Are you ready to enter the magic world of web success?


Tomáš Orbán
Graphic: Tomáš Orbán
Tomáš Orbán is a Slovak graphic artist who creates abstract digital collages. His work is a myriad of symmetry, geometric shapes and improvised visuals, reminding us of kaleidoscope-style images. The results are very beautiful and interesting, collages you can lose yourself into very quickly.


Meng Tian Zhang
Art: Meng Tian Zhang
Meng Tian Zhang is a skilled freelance illustrator located in Toronto, Canada. Her passions are classical painting and concept art, and it shows; her portraits and characters are beautiful, lively and emotional, showcasing clever brushstrokes.


Slab concrete buttons
Freebie: Slab concrete buttons
Slab concrete buttons is a kit of 20 buttons styled like concrete slabs distributed for free by Web Designer Depot. They display a minimalist look that will work well on simple websites. Developed by Tyler Norris, this freebie comes as a PSD file.


iA Writer
App: iA Writer – $0.99
iA Writer is very straight forward: it’s an app for writing with a very simple interface, useful keyboard extensions as well as iCloud and Dropbox integration. It’s the simplest and the best writing app I’ve used yet on iPhone; there is no styling but the interface is really made for you to focus. I tried it and I was amazed to discover how inviting this app was (I ended up writing over 500 words on my iPhone, totally inspired by the white page). Skeptical? Try it, you’ll see.


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Tina Mailhot-Roberge is a graphic designer, illustrator and co-founder of Veodesign. She holds a BFA in Design from Concordia University, Montréal. She loves to help people and wirte about arts, design, web and technology. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.