I love them my new Moo business cards

I love them my new Moo business cards



Over a year ago I printed 500 business cards at a local printer which in retrospect was a mistake; 500 for me were way too many. Before I knew it, a year had passed and I was sick of looking at them. Since I heard several good reviews about Moo, an award-winning online print business renowned for its good quality, I decided to give it a go.

Moo Business Cards - Printfinity

Customization and Printfinity

I decided to go with Moo because of their Printfinity feature; the option of printing a different image on every card in the pack. It’s great if like me you are a creative and you want to showcase your work. That way, you can give a different card to different clients according to the service you offer they are most interested in. It’s also a wow-factor since most people won’t expect to be asked to choose which card design they want. Prinfitinity is definitely a nice and refreshing feature. The only way it could get better is if would also be allowed to upload different back designs; currently you can only use one.

Moo Business Cards - Paper print quality

High-quality cardstock paper

As I took my first card out of the package, I immediately noticed the high-quality paper and appreciated its thickness; the surface is soft and the card is robust. I also opted for rounded corners which came out perfectly, very smooth. If you go for the Moo Classic like I did, you will get that satin feel and a 16pt thick paper stock. For a few more dollars, Moo also offers Moo Green, an eco paper, which is 15.5pt. It’s not the first time I order business cards and I must say this paper quality is the best I’ve encountered yet. I am completely satisfied with the result.

Moo Business Cards - Colors came out darker

Accurate but darker colors

I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the colors. The art I printed on the front side of my Moo cards looks almost exactly like the originals except for one single detail; they are a bit too dark. For most cards, it added some extra contrast and depth which was fine. Two out of ten designs though don’t look as nice and most of the details were lost. It’s not a disaster but I will not be giving them to my favorite potential clients. That said, I will know for next time that I need to brighten up my cards before sending them for print.

Moo Business Cards - Stack of 50

Good prices and unexpected fast delivery

Moo offers competitive prices and small-quantity orders; unlike several local printers, they can print as little as 50 cards at once, starting at $19.99. It’s a really good deal. With tax and shipping, the 50 cards I ordered (I wanted to test the product before ordering a bigger batch) came out to $31. The basic shipping which was also supposed to take two to three weeks according to the website took only a week. Although Moo is based in London, UK, the cards were shipped from Rhode Island which is fairly close to Montreal.


Overall I’m very satisfied with my new Moo cards and will reorder from them in the future. I highly recommend them. And for the ones who might be wondering; no, I did not get paid by the company to write this review (although I wish I had been, ahah). I am a genuine satisfied client. If you would like to try Moo too and you would like to get 10% off your first order, use this link.

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