Weekly Wonders 27

Weekly Wonders 27



Your weekly dose of design inspiration, resources and awesomeness.
Here are Weekly Wonders 27’s champions:


Web: Kuler
Adobe Kuler is an internet application that helps you create color schemes. It’s a practical tool if you enjoy toying with colors and browsing through user-created collections. The only downside is that Kuler uses Flash – it is therefore unavailable for mobile devices. Bummer, Adobe. It’s still worth checking.


Yang Hua Chun
Art: Yang Hua Chun
Yang Hua Chun is a Chinese artist whose gallery is composed of beautiful and mesmerizing hand-painted and stop-motion animation. He claims imperfection if what makes this art beautiful, however it is hard to spot any defaults in his carefully crafted creations.


Marte Marie Forsberg
Photo: Marte Marie Forsberg
Marte Marie Forsberg is a food stylist and photographer from Norway. She travels a lot and during her travels she rediscovered her passion for food and how it connects people. Forsberg doesn’t just take food photos; she creates an impeccable setting for every single photoshoot she publishes online, displaying homemade food like it is rarely seen nowadays. Her blog and portfolios are a source of inspiration for both photographers and food lovers, so make sure to take a look!


10 Textures for UI Designers
Freebie: 10 Textures for UI Designers
Dmonzon is giving away a bundle of 10 must have textures for interface designers. The pack includes 10 large 2560×1440 pixels images. The metal and leather textures are particularly nice. Interested? All you have to do is share it on Twitter or Facebook to download it for free.


Craigslist Mobile for iPhone
App: Craigslist Mobile for iPhone – Free
Whether you’re looking for a job, a flat or an object for sale, Craigslist is one of the places where you will want to check first. This is not a design app but a very practical application nonetheless that might save you money in the future.


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