5 Digital Artists that will blow your mind

5 Digital Artists that will blow your mind



Thanks to the internet, artists from all over the world share their art online. The web has become a massive art gallery populated with the amazing art of thousands of talented painters. In the last two decades we have also seen the rise of digital painting; artworks that are usually created from beginning to end on software like Photoshop, Painter, ArtRage or Gimp, to name only a few. If your dream is to become an artist like the masters I’m about to present, you can take online college classes to become familiar with some of these programs. The principle is the same as in traditional art, except that your canvas is laid out on your screen instead of on an easel. And instead of paintbrushes, we, digital painters, use a tablet.

Today, I would like to introduce you to 5 incredible digital artists that I’ve been following for many years. They are geniuses and inspiration to the art industry. I present you 5 digital painters than will blow your mind:


Bao Pham

Bao Pham – Website

Bao Pham is a freelance illustrator living in Iowa, US. He is a master of portraits and the elements. The women he paints are beautiful, colourful and carry in their eyes and posture a feeling of quiet power. His brushstrokes show in his work and his technique is incredible.


Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes – Website

Adam Hughes is another brilliant illustrator from the US. He made the top of many comics so you might have already encountered his work in Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Wonder Woman or other DC comic covers. His pinup style brings up the playfulness in the characters he draws. Hughes, besides having an impeccable style and incredible coloring technique, gives to his heroine strength and sexiness without falling into the cliché of sexualisation like many other comic artists do. He is clearly a leader and great inspiration in his field.


Jace Wallace

Jace Wallace – Website

Jace Wallace is an American digital painter who depicts almost exclusively female portraits. His style is influenced by fashion photography and design elements can be observed in several of his work. Wallace’s art is provocative, charming and elegant.



cellar-fcp – Website

Cellar-fcp is the pseudonym of a talented digital painter from Hong Kong. He paints, mimicking oils, beautiful feminine portraits and scenes. Many of his artworks depict sexual but peaceful women in different settings. His palette is high in contrasts although he uses soft colors.


Tracy J. Butler

Tracy J. Butler – Website

Tracy J. Butler is an American artist currently residing in St-Louis. She is also the author of the webcomic Lackadaisy. The comic featuring anthropomorphic cats is set in St-Louis at the end of the 1920s. Both her style and her story are fun and very expressive. It’s no wonder she won so many awards for her work.

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