7 Beautiful and Free High-Res Wood Texture Packs

7 Beautiful and Free High-Res Wood Texture Packs



Using wood textures in graphic and web design seems to have become trendy in the last few years, whether you like it or not. Although there are many free resources available on the World Wide Web, not all include high quality and high resolution images. For you, I roamed the internet and found 7 resource packs containing beautiful photos of high-res wood textures. Enjoy and download away!


10 Tree Bark Textures
10 Tree Bark Textures by lostandtaken.com
Size: 3264×2448 pixels


9 Wood Panel Textures
9 Wood Panel Textures by fudgegraphics
Size: 3264×2448 pixels


6 Wood Textures
6 Wood Textures by lostandtaken
Size: 3072×2048 pixels


3 Texture Wood Pack
3 Texture Wood Pack by ncrow
Sizes: 2858×2007, 3587×2629 and 2572×3003 pixels


10 Grungy Wood Textures
10 Grungy Wood Textures by Six Revisions
Size: 3872×2592 pixels


5 Old Wood Textures
5 Old Wood Textures by Rafi, GraphicsFuel
Size: 3000×2250 pixels


5 Wood Textures
5 Wood Textures by Bittbox
Size: 4500×3000 pixels

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