A closer look at Google+ Pages

A closer look at Google+ Pages



Google announced today the launch of Pages, a new function for businesses and brands. Finally, you, business owner, are able to create your own page on the new social network. Your fans and customers will be able to connect to your brand. It’s like Facebook, only better. Click here to see what it looks like.


Why better than Facebook?

Well, for one, the interface is SO much better. Less clutter, less useless features. Google+ nailed it with its design and only Facebook’s still unreleased Timeline could possibly rival with it. There’s also the new Google+ Direct Connect. What does it do? It will bring your Google+ company profile page at the top of Google’s results if you write + before your query. You can watch the video here. Neat, isn’t it? For any business owner, there is a very obvious advantage to registering with Google as soon as possible.


How to can I create my own page?

You’ll have at the bottom right of your Google+ feed the option to create a new page. Or you can just click here to access it. Google Adwords also posted an interesting article meant to help you understand how this new feature works for you and your customers.

A question that comes back very often is “how do I edit my new page”. Google+ hid that function under your avatar. You should see in your feed, under your avatar in the top left corner, the number of pages you have created. If you click on it, you’ll have the option to manage them. Click here to see a screenshot.


Now what you have all the tools to promote your business thanks to Google+, nothing should stop you!

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