Google+ finally available for Google Apps!

Google+ finally available for Google Apps!

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Good news everyone! The new social network developed by Google, Google+, is finally available for Google Apps as of October 27. What does that mean? It means that if you registered on Gmail with your own domain (i.e. [email protected]), you will finally be able to open an account with Google+. Prior to yesterday, it was only possible to register with a email account. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time so we’re really happy we can finally use our main email address (I was getting a bit tired of switching between accounts all the time).

Google+ is also preparing a migration tool for users who will want to transfer their circles from their account to their new Google Apps one. The Google Team said it would be out in a few weeks. Don’t want to wait? You can still do it manually, like I did. Create your new account, go back to your old one, add your new account to its own circle and then proceed to share your existing circles with your new account (go to the circles section, click on a circle and you’ll see the option at the top right corner). Finally, in your new account, look at your old account’s stream and add the circles to your own. Your friends will have to add you again themselves but at least you’ll be able to keep following them while Google+ is preparing the release of its migration tool.

For mobile users, there seems to be a bug with Google Apps on the Google+ app for iOS, as you can see here. Both Emilio and I got this error message even after we successfully activated our new accounts. For now you will be able to use the mobile browser version of the Google+ but the iPhone/iPod app won’t let you sign in. Bummers. This issues should be resolved soon (let’s hope).

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Read the whole news on Google’s Official Enterprise Blog.

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