Weekly Wonders 6

Weekly Wonders 6



Your weekly dose of inspiration and awesome.
Here are Weekly Wonders 6’s champions:


Web: dlvr.it
Dlvr.it is a great tool for bloggers looking for an efficient way to share the content of their blog over social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also offers real-time stats of on your links and followers. We tried a few other services in the past and this is the best we’ve found yet. Give it a try and judge for yourself!


Maxime Chillemi
Design: Maxime Chillemi
Maxime Chillemi is a designer and photographer living in Paris, France. Young and talented, he produces exquisite artwork and graphs. It makes us wonder if there’s anything he can’t do! One thing is sure: he has a brilliant future in front of him. Check his work to see what we mean!


Doctor Cat by Sarah Sobole
Art: Doctor Cat by Sarah Sobole
Sarah Sobole is an American artist and the creator of Doctor Cat, a humorous comic strip telling the story of a talking cat working as a doctor. She’s funny, skilled and her webcomic is becoming quite popular, with reason: who can resist a cute kitty in a doctor’s outfit?


Freebie: Brusheezy
Brusheezy is a website compiling thousands of free Photoshop brushes, textures and patterns from all over the web. Although not all of them are great, many are decent, several excellent.


App: Instagram – Free
Instagram is THE photography app to get (if you don’t already have it). It’s more than just an app to take photos or modify them; it’s whole community based iPhone photography. Sharing photos with friends becomes a whole new experience. Be careful though; it’s addictive!


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