Weekly Wonders 4

Weekly Wonders 4



Your weekly dose of inspiration and awesome.
Here are Weekly Wonders 4’s champions:


Web: Creattica
Creattiva is a gallery of inspiration of all varieties; advertising, digital art, websites, posters, 3D and many, many more. Featured artworks are handpicked, resulting in a high quality gallery. It’s a great place for designers to upload their portfolio and for business owners to look for inspiration and skilled professionals.


A. Stiffler / FindChaos
Art: A. Stiffler / FindChaos
Stiffler is a digital artist that produces original cartoon-style illustrations. He has his own webcomic called FindChaos but what we love most are the comics based on his life. Visit his gallery if you want to enjoy good art while having a good time.


Photo: Sortvind
Sortvind is the pseudonym of a talented Norwegian photographer. His photos of objects, flowers and landscapes are colourful, dreamy and have a vintage look to them. Take a look at his gallery – you won’t regret it!


Smashing Magazine’s 5th Anniversary eBook
Freebie: Smashing Magazine’s 5th Anniversary eBook
For their fifth anniversary, the renown design magazine is releasing a free eBook featuring their best articles ever written. Smashing Mag displays high-quality articles and content several times a week. If you have any interest in design or web developing, you should give it a try! It’s available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket formats so you can read it from your computer or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.).


App: WhatTheFont – Free
Ever wondered what typeface you are seeing in a poster, ad or website? This app will take a snapshot of the text and analyse it for you by connecting to the MyFonts’ database for identification. Though WhatTheFont doesn’t guess right 100% of the time, it will give you a list of typefaces that are very alike and give you an idea of type of font you’re dealing with.


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