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The place to be this weekend: MMTWO!

The place to be this weekend: MMTWO!



Montreal Meets is coming back for its second edition this weekend. I previously posted some info about the guest speakers and the location of the event. Well, it has finally arrived and that’s where the Veodesign team will spend the weekend!

Fran├žois Hoang, the mastermind and hardworking designer behind this conference, revealed last week some changes to the speaker line-up as well as the schedule; instead of Scott Hansen who could not show up due to regrettable circumstances, graphic artist Rik Oostenbroek will take his place. His body of work is just as impressive and this will mean a second European presence at the event besides Radim Malinic from Brand Nu, UK.

We’re very excited and urge you to buy your ticket if you haven’t already (if you’re at the last minute, email MMTWO and perhaps they might be able to save you a seat). Also, feel free to drop us a note if you are going; it will be a great occasion to meet some of our readers and fellow creatives!

If you haven’t seen, here are two original posters designed by Radim Malinic and James White for the event:

MMTWO Poster

MMTWO Poster

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